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If you opt for an active lifestyle, this food supplement is the right choice for you.



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What Arthroplast is and what it is used for

Arthroplast Gel will help you feel joy of movement and stay physically active at any age.

The gel components are involved in metabolic processes and help many body systems function properly.

Laminaria is a genus of brown algae rich in iodine. It is the base component of Arthroplast Gel. Laminaria helps your body rebuild and maintain its functions: it provides iodine required for physiological metabolic processes and strengthens the immune system.

To stay healthy, you need to get iodine with food every day, as the human body cannot produce iodine on its own. The iodine content in food products depends on the natural iodine content in soil and water, the conditions of food production (plant fertilization and iodine content in animal feed).

Iodine contributes to normal cognitive function, energy-yielding metabolism and functioning of the nervous system.
Iodine maintains the right thyroid hormone levels, ensures normal thyroid function and protects your skin.

Another natural component of the gel, Crataegus pinnatifida (chinese hawrhorn), may support the normal function of intestinal tract, the intestinal comfort and digestion, this fruit may ensure proper functioning of your heart and cardivascular system.

What Arthroplast contains: water, laminaria gel (laminaria (Laminaria japonica), antioxidant - citric acid, acidity regulator - calcium gluconate), concentrated apple juice, concentrated black currant juice, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine (from CRUSTACEANS), thickener - sodium alginate, hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) fruit exctract, cabbage (Brassica oleracea) leaf powder, rosehip (Rosa canina) fruit extract, apple flavouring, sweetener - steviol glycosides.

  • Rich in iodine.
  • Source of chondroitin and glucosamine.
  • Fat-free.
  • Sugar-free.

Nutrition declaration. 100 g product contains:


187 kJ

44 kcal


0 g

of which saturates

0 g


11 g

of which sugars



0 g


0.8 g

How to take Arthroplast

How much you should take: 1 tablespoon (20 g) of the product once per day before meal.

The recommended daily dose (20 g) contains:


107.8 µg (77.9 %*)


0.36 g


0.16 g

chondroitin sulphate

0.68 g

hawthorn extract

0.08 g

cabbage powder

0.08 g

rosehip extract

0.08 g

*from nutrient reference values

Before you take Arthroplast: Do not take this product if you: are allergic or hypersensitive to iodine, have individual intolerance to the components of the product. Talk to your doctor before taking the product, especially if you are pregnant and breast-feeding or have kidney or thyroid problems.

Do not take more than the leaflet tells you to.

The product cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Keep the product out of reach of children.

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the key to keeping fit. You need to take the product for 1 month to get the maximum benefit.

Produced in the Russian Federation.

Importer: VERTERA OU, Narva mnt 13 Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn Harju maakond 10151, Estonia

Produced exclusively for Vertera

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Joy of movement.