Cosmetics Algal oil

Light radiant algae-based oil.



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150 ml

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What algal oil is and what it is used for

Algal oil is the final product for cosmetic procedures. Contains 9 types of oils and 2 types of oil extracts. It is well combined with other Vertera cosmetic products.

Algal oil (laminaria, fucus), olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, flax oil, sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil, apricot kernel oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, chlorophyll-lipid laminaria complex; oil extracts of: comfrey, orpine, dihydroquercetin.

How to use the algal oil

Rub the oil into flaking, dry or cellulite patches on your skin with light massage movements for 10-15 minutes. If your skin still feels damp after application, blot dry gently with a paper napkin, and if necessary, rinse with warm water. For best effect, apply the oil immediately after taking a bath or a shower.

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Algal oil

Beauty of our skin in a cosmetic flask.